Friday, April 22, 2011

Inspection Over

Our home inspection was a success!

Well, mostly.

After waiting for the utility guys to get to the house, turn on the water, electricity, and gas, I spent a little time visiting a couple of friends that live out in the area. I had a little time to kill and wanted to make the most of it - even though I swore to myself I would finally spend more time on the book I've been slowly reading. I love reading and I just haven't had the time to do it lately. Obviously.

After that, I drove around the surrounding towns and tried to get acquainted with the local shopping and restaurants. There seemed to be just about everything I needed, except a Target. I am devastated. I love that store and even though there is one in the town where I currently live and will be working, I really hoped to have one near my new house. Oh well, can't have everything.

I arrived at the house right at 4pm and the Inspector and my agent were already raring to go. So off we went!

The inspection turned out to be about 3 hours and it was very informative. I kept a list of the things that would need to be done as soon as the purchase goes through (only 3 things) and a secondary list of the things that would need some work or would need to be purchased sooner than later.

Overall, the inspection went great. We'll need to throw a few hundred dollars into the place right away, but there were no real issues or major repairs. Our list was do-able.

After handing over a whopping $400 I was ready to call up my lender and tell him to proceed with the loan.

Now all I need to fret about is getting my down payment into my account this coming week. The money has been requested and I am hoping they will be able to process the request by mid-next week. After that...I guess I have to rely on my lender and the escrow company to get things done before our vacation next month.

I HATE relying on or waiting for other people. It stresses me out.

There are loads more details, but that's the short version.

I just need to keep my head straight for 3 more weeks. Then, off to Mexico I go - whether the house is settled or not.

Here's what I need!

Spark Arrestor - Chimney

Kitchen faucet replacement

Washer and dryer

cover to fix a cracked pipe

Those are the essentials. There is a long list of not-so-urgent needs, but that will come in time.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let's Play Tag!

Hey ya'll! I was tagged to play a question and answer game, so here I am playing along. I'll be tagging a few peeps at the end so pay attention in case your name is called!

Here we go!

Food: Is this asking if I like food or if I have a favorite? I'll answer both. Yes, I LOVE food. And if someone were to put a gun to my head and asked what I wanted to eat most...I would say Thai food. It's delish! I guess the food item I like best is bread. All kinds - croissant, chibatta, french, sour dough, bagels, focaccia....(okay, I am getting a craving now).

Color: Hmmm...I like red, turquoise, and black. But not really together.

Animal: Dog.

Dessert: Foul Temptress! You know I have a wicked sweet tooth! I suppose that would be any kind of baked good. Cake, cookies, brownies...that kind of thing.

Artist: Honestly I don't really have a favorite. I am really random with what I like.

Pair of Shoes: I like flip flops and wedge sandals.
Outfit: I don't have a specific outfit, but I like brightly colored shirts and jeans. I have also taken to wearing scarves to accessorize.

Skinny Jeans: Not with this body type yo! The hips don't lie.

Brand: I guess Coach?

Perfume: Princess by Vera Wang, but I am silly and don't own it.

Accessory: My wedding ring.

City: New Orleans.

Hobby: Photography, blogging, movies, & reading.

Beauty Product: mascara/eye make-up.
Holiday: Christmas. Is that even fair really?

Snack: pretzels or trail mix

Movie: Wow, you really went there! I suppose that would be Moulin Rouge.

Song: This question is just wrong on so many levels. I'm just throwing a song out there that makes my butt shake....Right Round - Flo Rida.

Guilty Pleasure: Pedicures, Nerd candy, & competition reality shows.

Next up to be tagged is...drum roll please!
Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

12 Years

April 8th marks 12 years of happiness with the same man.

Michael and I will have been together 12 years - yes your math is correct - we were 16 & 18!

It's been one hell of a ride and one that makes me smile from ear to ear.

For our anniversary, we packed up our singing voices and headed out to the Snoqualmie Casino for a flash back to the 90's.

It was a time of young love, summer drives, and country music.

Yes people, country at it's best. Circa 1996-1999.

We've seen Diamond Rio a couple of other times and just love their style and harmonies. So, since they just might have been our first concert together (back in the day at the King County Fair) we decided it would be perfect to top off year number 12.

We had a blast, as did the largely inebriated casino crowd, and sang our little hearts out.

The video I am going to post is of their last song. My favorite song. And one that totally defined our love at the time. This video is in true early 90's form with overalls and mullets. It's classic and SO much fun.

Give it a listen and bop your head. Come on....I know you want to!

You were a good boyfriend my love. Thanks for 12 fun-filled years!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Adventure

It happened quickly.

We got a call on Friday night that a house we'd looked at dropped in price by about 60,000!

We had to decide THAT DAY if we wanted to place a bid on it. There was no negotiating or counters, only a single bid and we had no idea how many other offers there would be.

I was freaked out, but I knew the deal was too good to pass-up. This house would be gone fast!

We put in our bid and waited.

Saturday morning our agent called and said "Congratulations! Your bid was accepted!"

Holy crap! What?!

We got the house people.

If all goes as it's supposed to and the inspection passes, we'll be home owners in May!

For those of you who know the Seattle/Eastside area, we'd be moving to Maple Valley - Four Corners to be exact. It's about 25 minutes from where we live now and will be out a little farther than we envisioned, but it's perfectly acceptable.

I'm a little sad to be moving from my lovely Issaquah and my sister and nephew, but I know that this house will be worth it. It's got a hot tub for god's sake! Yeah, you heard me right...a hot tub.

The property needs some fixing up and the house could use some updating in the kitchen and bathrooms, but ya know, it's not a big thing right now. All in good time. Right now, we need to get us a washer and dryer! And a dining table. And living room furniture. And new locks. And paint.

That's really it though. Craig's List - here we come.

So without further adieu, here is what will most likely be our new residence -

Whoop Whoop!

Wish us luck!
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