Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Premier!

November 19th 2009

My dear friend Katie Doll happened upon 4 passes to the Pre-screening of New Moon, the 2nd movie/book in the Twilight Saga, when shopping at Nordstroms one fine day. Since I was the one to introduce the 1st movie to her, she immediately thought of me and invited me and a buddy of my choice to go with her and her gal-pal Kalie.
Needless to say, I was excited as a teen girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. The four of us headed out to Dick's burgers for a quick bite and then onto Pacific Place in Seattle to hunker down and wait the 2.5 hours until the 9:20 show. Luckliy, since we had passes and Pacific Place theaters were armed and ready, we went straight into the theater of our choice and grabbed our seats. Until the show we ate, drank in the small "beer garden" and had some fun chats. All around us were girls just itching to catch the first glimpse of "Jacob" and his new bod. Among them, luckily for us, were the other movie goers of all ages and genders - ready like us to enjoy the movie and perhaps have a few laughs over the swooning/screeching young ladies.
The Romeo and Juliet story began and we all had a fun two hours of romance, drama, thrills, and heartbreak. I won't go into detail about the good and bad parts, the left-out parts or the added-in parts. I will just say that it was better than the first movie and I enjoyed it.
Here are some fun pictures of me and my two Katie's. And yes, I made the shirts. I know, very nerdy.

Manda's Maternity Photos - Part One

November 17th 2009

A few days ago I met up with my dear pregnant sister to do some Maternity photos for her. We braved it out in the rain to see what we could get. It's oh so hard to avoid bad weather during the month of November and we decided it was best to at least shoot a few. Mandy was a trooper! She not only was fun to work with, but she didn't complain while dealing with wind and heels! I have attached a couple to represent her first official "baby bump" pictures and will post more when we are able to get some with her hubby. Hopefully this weekend if all goes well!
Here is Mandy at about 30 weeks.

Meet Me In St. Louis

November 14th 2009

"Clang, clang, clang went the trolley..." Based on the classic movie musical with Judy Garland, this nostalgic stage version mounted by the Village Theatre focuses on four sisters in St. Louis during the 1904 World's Fair. There were many great songs in this holiday musical with some really fun dancing. Mike and I went to the second play in our season line-up and had a great time. Not as funny or original as a couple others I have seen, but it's a nice change of pace none the less. I had a cold going into this one, so it was a little harder to concentrate and I had to leave once before I had a coughing attack, but I still enjoyed this musical treat. It was great to get a bit more into the holiday spirit and "Meet Me.." had some sweet family moments that really made you greatful for the family you have.
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