Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Nephew!

I had to make a quick post about how excited I am to be getting a nephew soon! Okay, so there are still like 3 months left, but I am stoked. The bigger my sister's belly gets, the more real it is to me that there is a little person in there! She let me probe around her belly last night and I actually felt him in there! Hard spots that made it obvious there was something growing and thriving inside my sister. The best part was when "Clark" decided to get pushy and kicked my hand! It was such an amazing words. Anyhow, I can see his world coming together with every ultrisound and every new addition to his nursery and it's overwhelming. I am so happy and excited for our family!!!
Here's a cute picture of my glowing sis at 26 weeks!

Rob Thomas Concert!

October 15, 2009

For my birthday my momma got me tickets to see Rob Thomas. I love concerts, so this was a great present AND I love Rob T! The venue was so-so (Wamu Theater), but there was good music and great energy from the crowd. There were two opening bands so we were there a good 5 hours. They were Carolina Liar (whom I hadn't heard of) and OneRepublic (of which I really enjoy!) Mike had never seen Rob so it was a new experience for him and one that I am happy to share. I got an awesomely comfy T-shirt for a whopping $40 and a poster for my office! I had a great time and had fun dancing along with all the other women situated in the back. Good times for all!

Congratulations Elsa & Doug!

October 6th, 2009

Sister-in-law #2, Elsa, is also getting hitched to the ever tall and awesome Doug. I was happy to be able to take some Engagement photos for them as well to document the memorable moment. I was really pleased with the location's water setting and the good company. I am so blessed to have three amazing sisters in my life. And thankfully all of them are now giving me brothers as well! I am also excited to announce I won't be attending two weddings, but ONE DOUBLE wedding!!! I have never been to one and am eager to see the shin-dig go down. Congratulations to Elsa & Doug. May you have as happy a marriage as I have been blessed with.

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