Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chasing Nicolette

September 19th

Earlier this summer I decided to purchase season tickets to the Village Theater in Issaquah. I was looking to find some entertainment in the arts, in something other than my standard movies, tv and reading. I ended up getting quite a steal after barganing with an elderly woman on the phone and wa-la! Mike and I end up with tickets to 6 shows for the 2009/2010 season! Last saturday we saw our third Village Theater show called Chasing Nicolette.

Chasing Nicolette is set in 1224 and deals with overcoming prejudice and meddling parents. I was amused that this was a musical romantic comedy set in midevil times. The show was both sweet and hilarious. I found myself giggling over most of the songs and smiling the whole way through.
The story is about the enduring love between a Christian Count and a Muslim Princess who fall for each other and vow to be together "come what may". But they first have to get out of their arranged marriages, escape a convent, and win a duel to prevent war.
This play was different in that the whole thing was spoken and sung in rhymed couplets. When I first read this I thought I might be annoyed with the choice in writing, but my love for poetry and shakespeare won out and I loved it! The show was witty, fun, and had some wonderfully romantic and funny songs throughout. But the show stealer was most definately Valere, the loyal and quirky servant.
If anyone is ever looking for something fun and different to do, I would recommend seeing this show. It will continue to play through the end of October.
Next on the calendar: Meet Me in St. Louis.

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