Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's Up?!

What's been up with me you ask?

In a few words... and graded.

The book I just finished reading and liked quite a lot!
Grade: B+

And for comparison I also went out and saw the movie.
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz.
Grade: B-

Synopsis courtesy of IMDB

"When Jacob Jankowski, recently orphaned and suddenly adrift, jumps onto a passing train, he enters a world of freaks, drifters, and misfits, a second-rate circus struggling to survive during the Great Depression, making one-night stands in town after endless town. A veterinary student who almost earned his degree, Jacob is put in charge of caring for the circus menagerie. It is there that he meets Marlena, the beautiful young star of the equestrian act, who is married to August, the charismatic but twisted animal trainer. He also meets Rosie, an elephant who seems untrainable until he discovers a way to reach her. Water for Elephants is illuminated by a wonderful sense of time and place. It tells a story of a love between two people that overcomes incredible odds in a world in which even love is a luxury that few can afford."

What I am watching!
Glee - season 2
Grade: B+

What I am stressing over!
The Maple Valley House
Grade: D
We are still on track for buying it, but boy are the seller and escrow company complete crap. The closing has been put off until mid- June.
What I am looking forward to!
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Grade: A

By the time you read this I will be on a plane.

See you all when I get back!


  1. Yay for Mexico. BOO for the closing of your house being put off. LAME!!!

  2. Agree with Mandy! You have alot on your plate right now...I remember being in that place. It will all come together though, you'll see.
    Love that beach shot, the only thing that would make it better is if I was in the pic!

    xoxo from me and the Chupster!

  3. Sweet goodness gracious that beach looks amazing. Please tell me if it was that pretty in person and how awesome your trip was. I'm stalking honeymoon locations like it's my job. Because's more fun than my real job. :)

  4. Also...I'm sorry that your closing got pushed back. That's a big pain in the you know what.

  5. Buying a house is so stressful, hopefully Mexico will help. Have fun!

    Didn't Robert look smashing? Helps that he didn't say much ;)


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