Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On My Mind

Favorite song of the year so far:  Adele - Set Fire to the Rain

A very powerful song, sung by a very talented artist...

The thing the teen in me is longing for most: Breaking Dawn pt. 1

(new trailer)

The show I look forward to the most next month: Dexter

Something that made me really sad this year : the death of Andy Whitfield (AKA: Sparticus)

What I think about most these days: our babies!

There you are - just a few things to chime in on since I'm lazy. But really, I am too tired to do much more right now.   :)


  1. That song is so pretty! I love Adele, she really is talented.

    I'm so excited for Breaking Dawn, too.

    But I'm REALLY excited about your babies! I'm so happy for you guys, you're going to be amazing parents.

  2. Your ultrasound just amazes me. Seeing two babies in there is double the miracle.

  3. Some of my favorites! Babies, Dexter and Breaking Dawn!


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