Sunday, December 27, 2009

~A Family Christmas~

Michael and I continued our tradition of a family filled Christmas again this year. We kicked it off with a Read extended family Christmas Eve at Maryanne's and Ernie's. I neglected to bring my camera so unfortunately I have no photos, but almost everyone was able to come, minus Elsa who was dutifully working, as Nurses do. The best part of the night was when Mike Sr. got one of our secret santa gifts and opened a Snuggie. Sharon's face was priceless. He was good enough to try it on for us! :)
The next day Mike and I woke up semi early and did our Christmas with Charlie. Mike got some new clothes from his favorite store Banana Republic while I got to open a new flash for my camera! Charlie even lucked out in getting a micro-fiber towel for after his baths.
After the presents and stockings were unwrapped, we headed over to the Schillinger's. There was yummy breakfast food, mimosas, and more presents. We were truely spoiled.

About 2pm Michael and I drove over to meet Mandy and Philip at Mom's. Here we opened even more presents and ate yummy chilli and salad for dinner. The dogs had a good time playing and it was funny to watch my very pregnant sister crawl around on the floor handing out gifts. Thank goodness she only has about a month left! Of course little "Clark" received a bunch of clothes, along with the Mariner's outfit I got him!

All in all we had a great Christmas. Family, food, and pretty decorations. What could be better?


  1. Gah!! You beat me to blogging about Christmas! I've been such a slacker recently with my blog. I haven't even uploaded my photos from Christmas yet. Boo!! Christmas was fun indeed and we are all definitely a little spoiled. Oh and I'm glad you found it so amusing to see me crawling around the floor! :-)

  2. Ha ha, you beat Mandy to blogging!
    I do seem to recognize these photos however:)
    I like that one of Mike with his Mike!
    It was a nice Christmas indeed!


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