Monday, December 14, 2009

Early December Moments!

Well looks like I am slacking again! No new blogs in almost a month! So to catch you up, I will run through the highlights.

There were three main birthday's this month. First was my Bestie's, Kerry. Then, Michael's was on the 7th, which makes him a whopping 27! Which still makes me two years older, arrgggh. Then Mike Sr.'s birthday was the 12th. Luckily, with most of the Schillinger family's Birthday's a week apart, we decided to do a big birthday dinner at Sharon and Mike's in late November. This took care of Amy, Sharon, Michael and Mike's celebrations. It was a good time all around.

Then, I geared up for Mandy's Baby shower. This was a lot of fun and all had a good time! There was good food, pretty decorations, fun games and lots of wonderful friends. We all teared up a bit when Nichole offered to read the message to mandy from our mom out of Mandy's baby book. It couldn't have gone more smoothly thanks to the wonderful party planning of Mandy's sis-in-law, Nichole. Mandy closed out her Shower with lots of goodies, having seen some old and new friends and a general excitment about the upcoming due date of little "Clark". Here are a couple of cute pictures my mom managed to get.

Let's see...
Mike and I joined the Issaquah Community Center to get back in shape. It's freezing in our garage where our work-out equipment is stored, so we broke down and decided to buy our way into a heated facility. Had my first 'go' at it today and my legs will be complaining tomorrow, I can tell you that!

Went to Mike's work Holiday Party for Comcast at Emerald Downs after the the Baby shower last Saturday. It was nice to meet some of his coworkers and meet his boss. It was a typical work party with little booze and lots of food.
Then Sunday, I met up with my monthly movie girls to watch a Holiday flick. We (me, Mindy, Megan and Breann) met over at Megan's new place and threw on "Scrooged" while eating home-made cookies. Mmmmmm....
I have always loved that movie and Bill Murry cracks me up, so we had a great time. Then to end the evening, we watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, an old clay-mation show from the 60's. Good memories and a good message about getting past discrimination. "Silver and Gold...Silver and Gold..."

As for the Holidays...we are right on track. Cards in the mail, tree and decorating done, and shopping done (for the most part). I am feeling pretty accomplished right now. There is just something about having a Christmas tree in my living room all light up and shining that makes me happy. I sorta wish we had one year round. I will be keeping it up until it's totally inappropriate. :)

Well, that's about it. Hopefully I will be better at this whole blogging thing after the new year. Happy Holidays!


  1. Nice little monthly catch up Alissa. December was exceptionally busy this year. Just think, next Christmas we'll be celebrating with a baby amongst us!!

  2. Lots of good stuff goin on this month! Can't wait for Christmas!!


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