Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Recap

Christmas eve and Christmas day was a success!

The Husband and I spent Dec. 24th with my in-laws. They have an annual Christmas eve party with bountiful food and family. This year it was held at my sister-in-law's. There are plenty of uncles, cousins and immediate family who come baring a selection for the pot-luck and a secret Santa gift. This year, my mom also made an appearance! It's nice to be able to spend more time with her around the holidays. Since she is a nurse, it's not always in the cards for her to have Christmas weekend off. After plenty of chatter, treats, and Sangria, we made it home in time to collapse into bed.

Christmas day went off without a hitch and we spent the day driving between his parent's house and my mom's. The day was full of hugs and kisses and I think turned out pretty dang great.

I was able to see Bennett delight in his new toys and experience Christmas for the first time. He especially enjoyed hanging out in the huge box my mom had set up for him, complete with a window to look out of. Seeing his little face peek through that hole in the box was priceless.

I got a few things on my wish list and was able to restrain myself from eating too many treats (which I will be restraining far more in the very near future). Mike was sweet enough to get me my much anticipated Eclipse on Blue-Ray as well as leather gloves from Coach and a shirt from Banana Republic. Beyond the 'things', the day was very relaxing and full of smiles.

I have the best family!

Here are a few pics taken by my mom to summarize my time at home.


  1. Aww, thanks for the sweet words. It's always nice to spend more time with you too!
    It was indeed a very nice Christmas!! xoxo

  2. Adorable! I LOVE your Mom's tree. Glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

  3. It was definitely a great day!!! That pic of you and B is so cute!

  4. That tree you guys are in front of is AMAZING. Seriously puts mine with the ornaments I crafted in first grade to shame.


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