Monday, December 6, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Present

This post is inspired by Nikki at Que sera sera!, who like me, has an infatuation with Robert Pattinson. Most of you know this about me. It is partially because I unwittingly fell for the Twilight series and therefore for Edward Cullen. And partially because, well, I have a thing for Brits.

So anyway, I got an e-mail from Michael the other day that both surprised me and made me laugh. Michael is well aware of my Pattinson crush and in fact...seems to support it. At least with good humor, which I appreciate.

This was the e-mail he sent:

Vampires for Christmas?!?‏

To Alissa Cook


So, I figured out what to get you for Christmas...

He totally said he'd do it; I called his agent.

Yeah, he knows me well, and I appreciate that.

Maybe I act like a school girl when it comes to all things Twilight and Rob, maybe I swoon like a pre-teen at a Justin Beiber concert when Edward proposes to Bella, maybe I even made a "Team Edward" shirt to wear to the premier of New Moon...

but I have a supportive husband. One who knows I love him completely and is good natured enough to not only put up with my Robert Pattinson desktop wallpaper, but to send him to me for Christmas.

For me :  this face + a British accent + plays the piano = YAY!

And of course - my husband is a "YAY" for me also.


  1. That would be weird to get a package with only the top half of Edward Cullen in it. How would he walk around? Doesn't seem like a very good present to me, you'd have to carry him everywhere! ;) ;)

  2. I'm sure she'd LOVE to carry him everywhere! Too funny! Thanks for this post! :)

  3. yeah, it was a little weird the way he's all cut in half. I guess I assume that he's folded and his legs are under him somehow. He would be too tall for me to carry...

  4. I love, love, love him too! I have two Twilight posters in my classroom and my students argue about "Team Jacob" or "Team Edward" all day!

  5. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed really... ;)

    I've spent far too much time dreaming about him, when in reality he has admitted to some traits that I can't stand about my Husband. I think I'd have to give him the break up speech.

  6. That is awesome. I finally gave in to the Twilight craze a few months ago. I read all 4 books in less than 3 weeks. I totally get it now!

  7. Love, Love, Love him too! I've read all the books and seen all the movies (so far)- I even went to a Eclipse Premier event last year! So much fun!


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