Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 Day Weekend-Palooza

Well it's official! We are heading down to Playa Del Carmen in May. Just after our 5 year anniversary!

We booked the tickets and as the diet has already begun, I am hoping to be in at least some sort of presentable bathing suit state by then. I am a little scared of the idea of a swimming suit right now, but if all continues going well, it shouldn't be too big a deal. Fingers crossed!

In related news - Mike's parents have decided to join us! They had been looking to book a vacation and we had already done all the leg work, so it fit nicely! They made the decision in all of 20 minutes and before we knew it, they were coming too!

And get this - they will be celebrating 40 years of marriage! Holy crap! They have a whole 35 years on us! But it will be so nice to spend our anniversary trip with them.

Also, in news, Mike and I went and saw The King's Speech the other night. I had heard nothing but rave reviews and the theaters have been super slow this season, so I thought I would take in a movie I might normally wait to see on DVD.

Not to mention I love Colin Firth! Always have, always will.

The movie was awesome, in case you were wondering. The lead actors did a bang-up job in their roles and the movie, although slow, did not bore me. The story was intriguing and something I did not previously know about English history.

It was touching, moving, well acted, funny, and informative. Couldn't ask for more. I highly recommend seeing it when you get a chance.

I have yet to see Black Swan, which is the other must-see movie of the season. Hopefully I will get a chance soon!


  1. How fun Mike's parents are coming with you guys!!! Awesome!
    And I haven't even heard of The Kings Speech, I will have to check it out. AND let's go see black swan together??

  2. That will be so much fun. I prefer vacationing with other people sometimes. That way if I want to lay on the beach one day and Bryan doesn't want to, he has someone to do things with ;) Compromise right?

    I haven't seen the king's speech because I heard it was slow, but I love Colin Firth too so really I should support him don't you think?

  3. So, I am an idiot and cannot figure out how to respond to comments, but wanted to let you know that you are of course free to repost my blog entry...I am always happy to share. Oh, and I loved the King's Speech as well!

  4. Ooh yay!! How FUN!! I am jealous, but you two deserve it!!! :)

  5. I hadn't heard of The King's Speech either, but I also love Colin! Might have to check it out.

    I'm glad you guys are going officially! That's awesome.

  6. I have heard so many rave reviews about that movie. Now I want to see it!!

    Bathing suit shopping is so scary. Ugh. I dread it almost as much as going to the gyno. (oversharing???)

    Good luck with your diet!! :)

  7. Hi! I'm new to your blog, but loved reading your review of The King's Speech. I love Colin, and have wanted to see that movie since the Golden Globes! I hope you get a chance to see Black Swan! I thought it was wonderful! Good Luck with your diet!



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