Monday, January 31, 2011

To Hogwarts and Back Again

I had a fun and productive weekend.

Except now my back is sore as all get out. Not sure when I injured it, but my upper back/neck is killing me. I remember it starting on Thursday or Friday...hmm....

Anyhow, on to better things!

Friday evening Mike and I decided to venture into Seattle, which we rarely do (rain, traffic, one way streets and yucky parking...) and picked up our tickets to the Harry Potter Exhibition. I had  been wanting to go for a while and it seemed the perfect evening to indulge in the pricey tickets and parking.

It was pretty interactive with TV screens, music, staff acting the part, and a couple areas where you could play Quidditch or pull up a screaming Mandrake Root. There were artifacts from all 7 movies/books as well as actual outfits worn by the actors. None of which you can touch or take a photo of. Lame.

Since I wasn't able to take photos (people are watching you CLOSELY), I found a few on the net to post so you can see for yourself what a fun experience it is!

Now extended through February 13th!

Interestingly enough, I would suspect that based on my personality traits I would be sorted into the same house as, you guessed it, Cedric Diggory (aka Rob Pattinson). Although I am biased toward Gryffindor, since that is the house of Harry P and friends, I do not really feel particularly "brave" as you might need to be for that selection. Nor do I feel necessarily brainy (Ravenclaw) or cunning (Slytherin).

This picture shows the outfit/robes I was tempted (by my hubby) to try to touch. Not that I did! I am usually good at following rules but the nerdy temptation to touch the costumes worn by the actors was pretty compelling. I am sure I would have been escorted promptly out of the exhibit by two large guards if I had attempted such a feat.

Anyhow, that's that for the HP Exhibition!

Saturday Mike and I tackled the house and garage. This is one day I am proud to say we accomplished much and when I probably made my back worse.

Here is our list of finished chores: (you know I like lists!)

Painted the bathroom and dining room ceiling
Cleaned the bathroom
Organized and cleaned the garage
Organized and cleaned out our filing cabinet
& Grocery shopping (at three different stores)!

Still some things to do, but I supposed that can wait until spring.

Sunday I spent with a good gal-pal Katie. We went to see Black Swan, which was mighty disturbing I might add, and grabbed some delicious Thai food. It was a fun and relaxing day that was just what the doctor ordered. Oh, and I need to also mention that we squeezed in a viewing of the movie Willow as well. We are the best movie buddies, she and I.

Well, there you have it!


  1. Phew, what a busy weekend! I really do want to go to the HP Exhibit. I need to get on it!

  2. The HP exhibit sounds fabulous! You really need to plan a trip to Harry Potter world in's so fun!


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