Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gifts From Heaven

I spent time thinking of Michael and Alena today. Yeah, I know that I always think about them, but today is Valentines Day.

A day for love. A day to think warmly of those you most hold dear.

I hold my children dear - I love them. So although it will just be me and Mike tonight (not celebrating much other than a small gift, a card, and a movie), I set aside some special time to think about them.

During my lunch break, I went to the local grocery market and bought them each a rose. A red rose.

Just like the ones I set loose to float in the lake of their final resting place.

I walked back outside to where my doggie Charlie was waiting for me in the car and looked up into the sky.
On Valentines day.
With two red roses in my hand.

I kid you not. I saw a rainbow.

My babies did it again! They heard me or felt me...whatever it is that happens. On a day that I purposefully held extra love in my heart for them and their dad. The moment I step foot outside after buying them their Valentines day gift...they send me a rainbow.

I won't doubt the gift this time. This time I am sure it's from them and it produced the biggest smile I've probably managed in the last month.

This time it's more than a coincidence friends. I've begun a 'rainbow watch' log to track each time something amazing like this happens around a special day or event. Every time I have seen a rainbow since October, it's been on a day when I most needed that comfort.

The day M&A were born.
The morning we spread M & A's ashes.
During the drive home on a particularly difficult day of grief.
The day before the new year when I couldn't seem to stop crying.
And today...Valentine's Day.

So how sweet would it be to have a log of all the rainbow sightings to keep in their memory book?

When I got home today, I went straight upstairs to where I framed M & A's photos of their names written in the sand and gave each of the pictures a big kiss. I had to clean the glass afterwards, but it was worth it.

Who knows what all hubby and I will do tonight, but I feel very lucky that our twins made it a point to show themselves to me today. They really are the most beautiful things in my life. Even though they aren't here in my arms, their presence is undeniable.


  1. Oh, Alissa. This is perfect! To be honest, you have brought me to tears...I am so glad that they have shown you their Love, yet again! It truly IS a sign from Heaven! XoXo

  2. You know I'm crying after reading this. Sadness of course, but happiness that you saw a little part of them again. And the framed pictures look beautiful. ♥ ♥

  3. You show such amazing strength. I really do believe that your sweet babies are smiling down on you from heaven and showing themselves through those rainbows - truly incredible! I love reading your blog because it is so inspiring :-) I often cry, but they aren't all sad tears.

  4. Alissa, the rainbow made me smile. I love that you bought roses for Michael and Alena on Feb 14. I know they were feeling your love.

    Your new blog design looks awesome--love it!


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