Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rob Thomas Concert!

October 15, 2009

For my birthday my momma got me tickets to see Rob Thomas. I love concerts, so this was a great present AND I love Rob T! The venue was so-so (Wamu Theater), but there was good music and great energy from the crowd. There were two opening bands so we were there a good 5 hours. They were Carolina Liar (whom I hadn't heard of) and OneRepublic (of which I really enjoy!) Mike had never seen Rob so it was a new experience for him and one that I am happy to share. I got an awesomely comfy T-shirt for a whopping $40 and a poster for my office! I had a great time and had fun dancing along with all the other women situated in the back. Good times for all!

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  1. Heck yes!!! My other husband! I think I have like 5 now.


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