Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Audio Books

I have been a bit obsessed lately. With Audio books! I have no idea why it took me so long to try them out! With all the time I spend in the car, I can go through 2 books a week! I decided to give them a try when I realized how bored I was making my usual work rounds one wednesday. I do a lot of driving to my clients houses each week, traveling from Issaquah to Bellevue to Woodinville.

I had just finished listening to the last of my CD's in my car's 6 disk changer, when my player went back to CD 1. I got annoyed and turned to the radio, which of course had nothing but commercials playing. Then I thought about how I wanted to have a driver so I could finish my book. It gave me a spark of an idea...Books on CD! Why hadn't I thought of it before. I love reading, I have loads of time in the car, why not "read" a book while driving!?

Needless to say, I am hooked. I have listened to 3 books now in probably 2 weeks and I am never bored! I actually can't wait to get into my car and spend a good half hour in traffic. I know, crazy! No road rage, no wasted time!

I've been hitting up novels I have been meaning to read, but haven't had time for. Since I have been on such a fantasy streak the last few years, I haven't been able to get to a lot of my fictional novels. This works perfect. I can read my fantasy novels at home (one by myself and one with Mike, yes we read together!), and a novel in my car. So now, I can get through three books at once. Go ahead, call me a nerd... I can hear you thinking it. But it's honestly the perfect thing for me to do to pass the time when I am driving or taking Charlie on a walk.

My next book on que from the library is : Unwind

It's a sci-fi story that has me very intrigued.

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