Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Charlie Brown

I was watching Charlie the other day as he was running around my living room and thinking "Boy, is he a character"! Then I got to thinking that since he is the "baby" in my life, I should give him a little blog time. So here goes - a few little tid-bits that make Chupa such a funny dog.

1. He acts all aggressive toward strangers, barking his head off, then as soon as he knows that we know them, he wants all their attention.
2. He doesn't really like to do "dog" things, like play fetch or chew bones.
3. He is more of a person than a dog.
4. He gets jealous whenever I give attention to anyone other than him.
5. Charlie could care less about his food, sometimes waiting all day to eat, then acting starved and eats a huge bowl all at once.
6. The dog is an athlete. He jumps higher than any chihuahua I have ever seen and runs like his pants are on fire.
7. One of his ears is "lazy" and flops a little, which I think is adorable.
8. He always seem to understand what you are saying and tilts his head back and forth like he is completely interested in what you are saying to him.
9. He randomly gets in the bathtub and can't get out again.
10. He regularly gets stuck in one of the bedrooms and howls until you come to let him out.
11. If you howl long enough, he will start whining and crying too.
12. He knows when you are sad or upset and comes to kiss you.
13. As soon as you get up, he takes your spot on the couch.
14. If Mike and I are play fighting, he tries to protect me.
15. When you are playing with him on the floor, he will roll onto his back under your face for attention.
16. He growls at the metal bears in front of the Brown Bear car wash.
17. His favorite people food is Green Beans!
18. Charlie is a little mountain goat, climbing all the way up to your shoulders if you try to hold him.
19. Charlie has to look down into every storm drain he passes, while on walks.
20. He swims when you hold him over anything with water (even a bucket).
21. His front paw pops up when he sits (like a flamingo) and he looks all dainty.
22. He has a dark racing stripe down his back due to thicker hair.
23. When it's wet out, he high steps through the grass trying to keep his feet dry.
24. Mike and I like to watch him nibble off of an apple core with his tiny front teeth.
25. He thinks he is going somewhere as soon as you put your coat, shoes or pants on.
26. He hates the vaccuum, plastic bags, bodies of water, bicycles and skateboards, his snow boots, being stared at, being blown on, tongues, Soda & Rock Band.
Cheers to my Chupes!


  1. Ha ha I like the part you said "he runs like his pants are on fire"... so true! Love chupa!

  2. Charlie pants! hehe. I challenge you to do one on Jeffrey!

  3. What a precious little man and quite a character. Love him!!!!!! My Chihuahua's (Patti Marie and D'Angelo) have the cutest little personalities too. I love me some Chihuahua's or "Chimichacha's" as I like to call them. ;-D


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