Thursday, September 30, 2010


My mom and I decided to take a little trip this year together. It's been a long time! We set off at the end of August for California to do a mommy & me vaca.

First we flew down to Santa Barbara to spend a few days milling around downtown for shopping and food, with a little visit to the coast. We did meet up with one of my dearest gal-pals, her hubby and her mom for dinner as well. I was not thoughtful enough to take photos of us all, but not to worry...they met up with us at our next destination!

We were lucky enough to land in one of mom's World Mark Condos in Solvang. Solvang was a cute Danish village a little over a half hour from Santa Barbara. The condo was a big 2 bed/ 2 bath with a generous living/dining area. We even lucked out with the wheelchair accessable room, which meant even more space! There is a lot of yummy Danish food, shopping and wine tasting to be done there. We spent time with Kerry, Kevin and Debbie one evening just tasting the yummy local wines of the area. As everyone knows, CA is filled with vinyards! We even stopped by the Blackjack Ranch where they filmed the movie Sideways.

After a few days down south, we headed up the coast toward Santa Cruz to see my mom's cousin Litsa and her family. This was just a short stop to grab dinner, but it was really nice to finally meet her! We even met a few furry friends on the way!

That evening, we trudged our way to San Francisco, both tired and stiff from a long drive. We got to the next condo (more like a hotel room) late so we didn't start our tour of San Fran until the next day. The days flew by as we both walked and rode our way around the many faces of the big city. We didn't rent a car for this portion of the trip so we got a pass for the trolly and saw as much as we could over the next four days. We even got to visit with another of my friends, Corinne, who had moved there a few years ago.

There were just too many things to tell you about, so I decided to just post a couple photos and leave it at that. I would be happy to chat about the places we went over lunch if anyone is so inclined, but that will be it for my blog post. I will close by saying that I had a great time and was happy I got to spend some much needed one-on-one time with my oh-so-wonderful mother!


  1. Hum, I should have commented here instead of FB. Oh well. The pics look better here. Nice post, and I'm glad we went!!

  2. It was really nice to see you guys on your way through California!!


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