Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Word Verification Retaliation

Okay Bloggies!

This whole Word Verification thing is driving me nuts!

You know what I am referring to (if you are a commenter). The thing where, after you are done composing your comment to someone's lovely post, it asks you to type a "word" to make sure you are human and not a hacker or computer spam.

Well I hate it.

I like leaving comments! I like letting people know I was there and enjoyed reading their post!

But I think twice every time, because it's too much work.

Yes, I realize that this is kinda lazy. I fully admit that I hate wasting the extra 30 seconds. And some of you may be rolling your eyes at me. It's okay, go ahead...

But if I may - could we all PLEASE turn that option off?! I am requesting that we trust that we won't get a large number of spam comments (and if you do, by all means, turn it back on).

Will you all join me in ending the Word Verification step in blog commenting?

If you love me or my blog enough to do this, here is how to get it done!

Under "settings" in your Dashboard (use the tabs at the top),
Go to "Comments"
And then scroll down to "Show word verification for comments" and set it to "NO".

That should do it.

I appreciate your cooperation in making the commenting process quicker and easier. Cause let's face it, every little annoyance adds up and this is an easy one to eliminate.

Thank you! I'm already breathing a sigh of relief.

(courtesy of Bing images)


  1. I love this!!! I didn't even know you could turn it off. I always end up annoying myself by trying to make some actual word out of the crazy letters.

  2. I posted something like this recently. Thanks for spreading the word! I hate word verification.

  3. I totally agree. Although sometimes I get funny ones and they make me laugh. I turned mine off long ago and never get spam.

  4. I have never actually thought one way or the other about it, but...OK! Done and done! :)

  5. DONE! I didn't even realize it was there. Thanks lady.

  6. I just found this post and it ties in with a piece I'm writing on word verification - would it be possible to use image on my post with a link to your blog. Best


    Brits in the USA


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