Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Play a Little Game

...called "what's in your medicine cabinet".

I thought this would be a fun peek into the products I use on a regular basis!

So here we go!

Almay oil-free eye makeup remover!
I use this before bed to get the eyeshadow and eyeliner off. They work really well except on certain mascaras, which can smudge. I usually just use the shower to really get my mascara off completely.

Bio Silk - Silk Therapy
I was referred to this product by a good gal-pal of mine and I love it. It's a serum I use while my hair is damp to protect my poor little strands. You don't need much since it will leave your hair oily if you use too much, so it lasts a while. I usually let my hair dry naturally before I straighten it, but you can also style with a blowdryer.

These are to take the make-up and dirt off my face. I'll be honest, I don't like to wash my face that much and I mostly do it in the shower, so these are great when I need a fresh face or when I am feeling oily. It's easy to throw a few cleanser pads in a baggie too for travel or camping!

This is what I use for my deodorant. It works really well! I think I smell decent most of the time and I don't sweat as much as I do without it. It's a good buy and you don't really even have to reapply each morning (unless you shower).

Loreal Revitalift - Night
When I turned 30 I went out and bought my first anti-aging cream. I know I have a few years before I start really noticing anything, but I think the thing that marks youth the most is nice skin. And it can't hurt right?! I don't use it every night, but a few times a week in the evening. I especially use it on my forehead and around my eyes, where it's most dry and prone to wrinkles.

I can't say enough good things about Mary Kay Timewise - Microderm Abrasion.
I have used this for a few years now and it really leaves my face soft! The first step is to scrub your face with the Refine cream which has a grainy texture to remove dead skin cells. (I usually do this first part in the shower) After you wash and dry your face, you use the second bottle thingie as lotion. It makes your skin silky and acts as a Replenishing surface. If you have some money on hand, I would find some of this stuff online!

Mary Kay - Satin Lips
This stuff also works wonders. It comes in a microderm abrasion duo like the above product, but I only have the second part now. I used all the first tube! Help! Anyhow, it's great in keeping your smackers moisturized and soft.

No need to explain this one!

Love this stuff! I did a trial a while back when someone I knew was selling it and it was so easy! I am a girl who thrives on 'easy' skin care and this fit the bill perfectly. Although a little pricey, it does the job. It's a clear night mask that you roll on before bed (after cleaning your face of dirt) and just peel the thin layer off in the morning. It works great to soften your skin, gradually remove redness, and eliminate blemishes. You'll start to see it working after a few days. I use it more when I have a break-out to make it last longer.

On to the Perfumes!

I have more than this, but these are the ones I use the most.
The first is Aquolina - Pink Sugar
You don't need much of this as it's very sweet, but I like me some sugar, so this is perfect! It makes me think of cookies and treats!

Escada - Pacific Paradise
This is my tropical, floral, fruity one!

Good ol' Standby! Dolce and Gabbana - Light Blue.
This one I use when I want to smell fresh and just a little bit citrusy.

And finally ~ Victoria's Secret - Succulent
This one is a nice smell of blackberry, vanilla and sandalwood. It's light too, more of a spray then a heavy perfume.

I have some others on my wish list, but they are pricey and given that I don't wear perfume that often,  I haven't bothered to purchase them yet.

That's about it my friends! There are a couple of other small things I am leaving out, but they are not that essential to my daily existence so I chose not to add them.

If you would like to show us all what's in YOUR medicine cabinet, by all means! I would love to see what people are storing in there. I don't have a lick of actual medicine in my cabinet, that's all confined to a drawer.

And I don't know about you...but I have been known to stick my nose in other people's medicine cabinets! It's so interesting to see what is all hiding back there. And I think you can learn a lot about people, believe it or not! Don't judge me, I know you have done it before!



  1. Nice! I just might do this!! I just noticed, we have all of the same perfumes. Well - I gave you the Aquolina one, but you know what I mean! Ha ha. I still need to get me some skincerity! Bah. Okay, I'm off to do a post on my medicine cabinet now! :)

  2. Hm, I'm glad you shared this! I tend to sweat quite a bit and I think I'll check out the deodorant you use and see how I like it.

  3. YES, I will admit...I HAVE poked my nose in other people's medicine cabinets...and showers. I'm a sneak! And, I may just have to join in the fun on this one...

  4. My medicine cabinet is so bare because I'm cheap! But I do need to get on the under eye cream nearing 30 and all ;)


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