Monday, March 14, 2011

Music Monday - Keepin' It Real

For today's post I thought I would link off of The Rustic Wolf and do a Music Monday tribute.

Today's amazing artist award goes to JESSIE J.

Mike and I heard this Brit's chops displayed on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and were both blown away.

She is an up-and-comer in the Pop/R&B genre and has her first album coming out next month. I have to also add that she writes her own music, because well, that's important to me and it's a sign of her dual talent.

She's got an interesting look about her that reminds me of a dark Camron Diaz.

Her style on the other hand shows the true makings of a Diva. A little Lady Gaga, a little Beyonce, with a mix of Katy Perry.

Jessie's voice on the other hand...unlike any of those women.

I would probably cross her with Amy Weinhouse, Christina Agulara, and Lily Allen as far as vocal sound goes, which is an awesome blend!

She's got all the makings for a huge star and I like her already. Even if you're not into her style, quirkiness, or music, you have to admit she has some GREAT pipes on her!

Check out the video I posted below to get yourself a taste of some Jessie J!

This song was one of my favorites and has a little blues/funk quality I love.


  1. OOHH! She's FANTASTIC! I couldn't have described her music, her style or looks any better myself! GREAT find, and thank you MUCH for sharing!!! Xo

  2. I am really liking Britain's Neo-Soul movement that is going on right now. Check out Adele if you haven't already heard of her. She is fantastic too.


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