Monday, October 18, 2010

An Ashley & Elan day

As you may have read on here before, one of my good friends from my Western days was engaged to be married. Well, he and his lady were married on September 25th!
Mike, myself, and our other great Western pal, T (aka Taylor) loaded up the Subie to head out to the islands for a good time. Armed with snazzy outfits, we drove up north, hopped on a ferry and jetted out to Orcas Island. It was a beautiful day and we got out there early enough to go on a drive up to Mt. Constitution, where the views were spectacular.
After our drive, we had a drink or two and then set out to the wedding. It was so nice to see our friends happy and healthy and surrounded by their favorite people. It reminded me of our wedding day and how wonderful it was to have the love and support of all the people who were important in our lives. And I just love weddings! :)
The ceremony was beautiful and personal, with the groom's father playing a song on the guitar for the couple and a friend singing for them. The reception followed and everyone had a great time mingling and catching up. We got to see some old friends and get our dance on, which is always sweet times. Mike and I got in a slow dance or two, which...really...when do you ever get to do with your spouse? After the traditional cake cutting, bouquet tossing, first dances and dinner, the not so traditional Keg stands commensed! Michael and I did NOT participate as this would have rendered us uninteligable and much too drunk so we just watched. Most of the ladies declined, due to the thought of their dress over their head, but this obviously would not stop the guys (which included the Groom & Bride's fathers)!
The rain began falling near the end of the night, which was perfect timing, and we ended up with a beautiful and fun evening. I won't mention the shenanigans of trying to get back to the mainland, I will just say we did a LOT of waiting.

Here are a few more pics to capture our weekend.


  1. Oooh pretty wedding! And her dress is beautiful!

  2. Alissa-- YOUR dress was georgous!

  3. Yes, she looked beautiful! And I loved my dress too...!


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