Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallows Eve

These days I don't do much for the creepiest of all holidays except maybe curl up in a witch's hat, watch scary movies, and hand out candy to the kids. There is just something about reaching 30...I just don't think dressing up is...well normal. I know lots of people still do, but where would I wear a costume? I don't have children to take trick-or-treating or any house parties to go to. And honestly, all the costumes you can buy as an adult woman are either expensive (for the nice ones) or slutty (for the cheaper ones). I don't feel the need to dress up as a sexy cat or a slutty pirate.

I know that the reason people (women mostly) dress up this way is because it's the one day a year that you can sort of be someone different. Be something you would not normally be or dress outside of what many people consider appropriate, while still being considered normal. I may have done this once or twice, but for the most part I never felt quite comfortable in these kinds of costumes. I know that I did sort of envy the girls who felt confident enough to to pull it off, but most of the time I just couldn't get myself to go that route. I think the closest I got may have been when a few friends and I became the Spice Girls one Halloween back in high school. My dress was pretty darn tight! :)

Here is a little flash back of previous Halloweens when I did dress-up. This was back when I had a metabolism to speak of. :)


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  1. Hey I was a spice girl for Halloween in hs too! Glad you found me! Your little Nephew is darling as well. And so is your Charlie. I have a Charlie pup too, although he is much much larger ;)

    Happy Halloween. I'm not dressing up either!


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