Wednesday, March 13, 2013

30 Weeks!


Another Bump update comin' at cha.

At thirty weeks (2 days) baby is the length of a large cucumber, is about 15.5 inches from head to heal and should be close to 3 lbs.

*Belly ~ Same as usual. Becoming large and in charge. I have no stretch marks yet and I'm trying to remember my lotion more often to keep stretchy. Baby boy kicks me throughout the day so I haven't had to worry much about 'kick counts' yet. I've noticed more of a range of movements from him lately - hard bumps, rolls, stretches, and hiccups! I felt his hiccups very noticeably the other morning and called my husband up to feel them, but of course my hollering scared the hiccups right out of him and hubby felt only one. I have had some back pain associated with the belly, but nothing too bad yet. I am still getting around just fine. Bending and shaving is a whole other situation however. I can't see much below my belly button so my downtown upkeep has been a little lacking recently. Oh well...

*Weight gain ~ Nothing this week. Still up 16 pounds.

* Symptoms ~ Fatigue, weird dreams, frequent peeing, and yes...even the dreaded hemorrhoid. That's right my friends. For the first time ever, I am experiencing h-rhoids. My OB confirmed it at my last appointment and told me to pick-up cream and witch hazel pads. I hasn't been too horrible yet, just uncomfortable and I am hoping it doesn't get worse. We will have to see.

* Cravings ~ Not much this week. I still don't have feel the need to gobble down food and am eating very regularly. I wonder if the extreme hunger will kick in over the next few weeks when baby boy gains more fat? I always hear about women who are famished and can't get enough food. I'm not there just yet - we may see the holidays bring the munchies.

* Gender ~We all know Raz is a boy. He has boy parts. I am actually growing a penis and weird is that?

* Clothes ~ All maternity except a few shirts.

* Meds ~ Nothing has changed. I am still on Prevacid for acid reflux, Atenolol for high cardiac output, prenatal and baby aspirin for clotting. I will continue my Hydroxyprogesterone shot once a week to maintain my hormone levels until week 36.

* Appointment ~ I had a 30 week appointment with my OB which went great. Well...besides finding the hemorrhoid everything checked out perfect. Baby's heartbeat was right where it should be and I am still measuring a bit ahead of the game. My OB wants me to stay on all meds till 36 weeks, then I will discontinue progesterone and baby aspirin. We spoke briefly about circumcision, writing up a birth plan, and the classes I registered for. She would like us to begin working on the birth plan and get it ready for her in the next month as I will be seeing her every two weeks again. Hubby and I have a lot to talk about in the coming weeks.

I got my Flu shot last week and my TDAP this week so I am ready for it all. My arm still hurts from the tetanus/pertussis/whatever it's called shot and it's 4 days later! Dang!

My OB agreed with the MFM about skipping the non-stress tests throughout the third trimester as long as my BP is always well with-in range. I also need to be very aware of preeclampsia symptoms as well as feel 10 baby movements with-in two hours of his active period. As long as all of this keeps regular, I don't need to do those darn tests. The reason they were going to do them in the first place is because of my higher cardiac output. I was seen my a specialist back at the beginning of the year (remember that pretentious MFM I saw and disliked?) who found I had a lot more blood pushing through my veins than was normal. This made my blood pressure only borderline high, but enough to where he prescribed me medication. Covering all our bases.

* Mood ~ I've been pretty stable and feel good. There is always something you can complain about while pregnant, but I don't feel the need to at the moment. I am lucky this is going so well so far. I have gotten through the hardest of the twins' special days and am still working on figuring things out for Raz. Time is really creeping up on me and there is still so much to do. I know it will get done, but this is going to be such a huge life change that I almost don't know how to go about preparing. I am beginning to worry about what kind of parent I'll be, if I'll be able to give my son all he needs...if we'll find that parenting a live baby is more than we can handle. I guess these are all normal feelings, but I've been so focused on getting pregnant and staying pregnant that none of these 'normal' mother-to-be worries ever phased me. But now? I am nervous and anxious that it will be much different than I imagined or that I won't be cut out for it. What if I get post partum depression?!

I almost don't want this phase of my journey to end. I like being pregnant (so far) and I waited for it for a long time. I wish I could stretch this phase out longer and give myself more time to prepare mentally. You'd think that I would be by now...but I'm not. I've had to mourn two other children this year and worry my way through two scary trimesters. I don't know how to parent a newborn day in and day out.

So yes, I am doing fine. I'm just dealing with a new set of nerves I've never experienced before.

* Special Moment ~ Feeling Raz hiccup as I lay awake Saturday morning and learning that my boss is throwing me a baby shower at work!

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