Monday, March 11, 2013

Anyone Out There?


So I know I don't post often or really at all...

I have been busy! :)

Honestly I do write, but on a private blog. One that I don't feel comfortable really making public to everyone in 'real life'. It's my journal, my way of keeping things strait.

So this blog gets the shaft usually. I know some wonderful friends, family, and bloggers read it...(when I take the time to write) so for being completely silent,  I am sorry.

A lot has happened since I wrote last and there is too much to update, but I do have some posts I can re-create on here if anyone is interested.

Is anyone out there still listening?

Should I keep up this blog too? I honestly have no idea who is still following so I am throwing it out there.

What say you people?

Do you want more updates?

I have to be honest in saying that my time now is precious, so if you really don't read much or know me and would rather just call...let me know that too.

If there are some others who really miss getting these blog posts in their e-mails or blog dashboards, I may try to throw some at you.

If you know of my other blog, please don't share it here as I still prefer to keep it to my chest. No one likes their journal read by everyone they know.

This is a call to see who is still out there - still waiting to hear from me.

Over and out.

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