Monday, May 24, 2010

The End of LOST

May 23rd 2010

Last night was the series finale of Lost. I thought I would do a tribute post to the show that kept me engrossed and reeling for that last 6 years. It's true it was way out there, and at times I became confused. But I never let that ruin the show for me. I took it as it was meant to be received. A Sci-fi drama. It was messy and mind bending and I am glad there were writers out there who weren't afraid to treat their audience like they had brains. Some of the plot lines took some time to work out, but some were meant to remain a puzzle. I appreciated the show's character developement, intricate story, and willingness to be different.
I will truly miss the characters I've come to know, and the musing between friends over "what the heck is going on?!"

RIP my favorite characters~
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes & James "Sawyer" Ford


  1. Yes, RIP Lost. I sure did love that show. I admit I got a little detached to it the last couple of seasons, but I still appreciate it. Good characters, good acting, and good writing. (for the most part, ha ha).
    I have finally accepted the conclusion of the show. But I'm ready to move on from just gotta find something as good!

  2. It's gonna be hard to replace that's for sure. One of the few shows I was faithful too for the last few years:(


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