Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Richelle Mead Book Signing!

This evening I finally fulfilled something on my bucket list! I have always had the goal of meeting one of my favorite authors.
Well this evening I did!

I have been reading Urban Fantasy for a couple years now, as many of you know. One of the authors I have been obsessed with (in a healthy way of course) is Richelle Mead. She has three series out right now and I have read them all. All except the latest two that came out this month. I mentioned Richelle in one of my first blogs as being a popular author located here in Seattle. Her main hub for book signing happens to be the UW bookstore.

Lucky for me, Seattle is only 20 minutes away and and she began her book tour in town! I left in plenty of time and got there in time to get a good seat and buy her newest book. After the reading and a question & answer slot, I got in line for the signing and was able to get three books signed and chat with her for a minute.
She was very down-to-earth and quirky - just like a couple of her characters.
It was, to say the least, a great experience.


  1. So glad you're starting to cross some of those things off your list!!

  2. That must have been an awesome treat for you!
    Glad you got to go! The pic is pretty cute too.


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