Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life Update~

Let's see...it's been a while and I am not too good at keeping up on this, but here goes!

I am still on my Sweets Strike. DAY 42! I am allowing myself one cheat day at the closing of each month and still eating fruit like nobody's business. My last cheat day landed around the time of Elsa's birthday so I made sure to wait until then to splurge. Mike and I went to get a shake at Jack in the Box (yeah, I know, not too special) and it was SOOOO good. Some people say you will lose your craving/taste for sugar after a while. Well I hope for that, but I highly doubt this will happen. That fast food shake was so darn good! Then after dinner we all had Costco Cheesecake with strawberries! YUM! So here I am back on my low sugar diet and doing just fine. Well, I can't say it's been easy, I mean, I miss sour patch kids with a vengence! But it's doable.
Next topic:
I am getting the travel itch. I don't have anything set up and it is truly hard on me. I feel bored and antsy and just feel like I am gonna freak out if I don't do something about it. We are planning a Memorial Weekend trip to long beach with some friends, but beyond that there is nothing! Now, we are really trying to save money and put it towards practical things like building a new computer and paying off debt. But I get to thinking about how healthy it is to be stuck in a "dead zone", So to speak. What is really important in life? Always doing what is logical and practical? Or destressing your mind and body when you need it most? I am looking into some different vacation options beacause I feel that although staying home and saving that money would be the 'right' thing to do, I don't think it is the best thing for me. Wish me luck on finding a way to juggle our limited funds!

Next: I am beginning a journey into the past. My family's past to be exact. I am slowly gathering information about my mom's family history. Who was related to who and where they came from; Geneology stuff. It's quite interesting and time consuming. But, I have the time and there is no rush so it's the perfect side hobby. Boy, this would be easier if I had a computer program to store all the information in! Ah well...

Other goings on:
I will be attending 3 weddings this summer (1 in July and 2 in September). I do love my weddings! I will be doing the hair and Make-up for one girlfriend and taking some daytime prep. photos for my sis-in-law Amy. She booked a great photographer for the wedding and reception, but wanted me to take some throughout the day of people and preparations. Exciting stuff! The third wedding will be on Orcas Island and I am very excited to make a weekend out of it with my good friends Elan and Ash.

I am also hoping to spend some quality time at a concert and some Mariner's games this summer. Just need to wrestle up more cash after my supposed vacation, computer building, wedding gifts, and out of town wedding overnighters...Yikes!

All in all, I think I will keep myself busy. The rest of my down time can be devoted to work I suppose.... But I may just decided to replace that with Bennett time. :) Sounds like a much better time to me.

Check back in later! Oh, and by the way, whoever gave me this blasted head cold is going to suffer!


  1. Well none of these updates are a surprise to me of course. Congrats on day 42, I don't think I could do it:(
    I'm excited to see what you dig up on the family history!! A fun project for sure.

  2. Cool project Liss!! Can't wait to see everything you find with our family history!


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