Friday, July 30, 2010


Mike and I were finally able to get out and see this 2.5 hour movie at the theaters this past week and really enjoyed it! It's a refreshing change from the mostly dull summer movie line-up. It was unique, visually appealing and actually made you think. I like having to keep my brain working on hyper speed for a change. There are so many "easy" movies out there. Movies that allow you to sit back and laugh or go along for the ride without really making you analyze anything. Don't get me wrong, I like an "easy" movie as much as the next person, but my favorite movies are always the ones that push the envelope a bit and force you to either strain to understand or consider something you hadn't before.

When I look back at movies that really caught my attention at some point in time, I realize that the ones that made an impact were the ones that broke the mold so to speak. This could be with the plot/storyline, visual effects, or simply evoked a strong emotional reaction.

Some of the movies I deem as being worthy of a special nod are listed below.

These are just a few of the movies that popped into my head as impressive. And one cannot forget LOST, as the first TV show to give me a headache (in a good way)!

To close, I want to also give a thumbs up to an underdog called
"Remember Me".

I had my doubts about this movie since it didn't garner the best reviews and I was hesitant to see how Robert Pattinson did. But, I was pleasantly surprised! It had some decent acting and a twist at the end that you don't expect. I always love a good twist. In fact, I almost prefer when you don't get a fairytale ending. There are so many movies out there that do what is expected so as not to let down the viewer. I prefer movies to occasionally reflect real life and life does not always have a picture perfect ending. That may be why I liked Titanic, The Upside of Anger, Pans Labryth, Man on Fire, Romeo and Juliet, A walk to Remember, Blood Diamond, and Lucky Number Sleven. So if you don't like to feel a bit uncomfortable or sad, you probably don't like these movies. Hopefully there are more films like Inception and Remember Me waiting in the theater wings!

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