Friday, July 16, 2010


Day 116 - Sweets Strike!

Last Wednesday was 4 months and going strong on my sweets strike. So tomorrow, Saturday the 17th, I will have my cheat day. Just in time for my Brother-in-law's birthday! Happy Birthday Philip!!! (Well it was technically today, the 16th). I already have plans on how to spend this day and it includes a cupcake from the new cupcake shop that opened off Front Street and a piece of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

In thinking about my surprisingly strong will on this journey, I also began thinking about treats. Go figure! The other day I was talking to Michael about how I wanted to learn to bake pies. I love baking deserts, but in light of the fact that I am always on some diet or another, I rarely actually do it. I was thinking that I had baked bread, cake, muffins and cookies but never really baked a pie. I want to try to make it from scratch too. Starting with a Blackberry pie!

Since I have never done this, I went out and bought a cookbook of deserts and printed directions for making the perfect crust. Not sure how it will turn out or when i will tackle this challenge but I am determined. Assuming I only get my one cheat day a month, it will be hard to actually make the pie on that cheat day, so I may have to give myself one extra day and treat myself to the finished product. The rest I can give away or make my hubby eat I suppose.

If I really enjoy this new "thing", you may be in luck to find yourself with one of my creations. After the Blackberry pie, comes Peanut Butter pie! Watch out waist line!

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  1. Day 116!! Wow good job! I'm excited for cheesecake tonight! Oh... and if you bake a chocolate cream pie, I'm all over it!


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