Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Positive Thinking

Today is a good day.

I have been thinking all good thoughts. I try to be a positive and optimistic person in general, but i know that it's not always possible. Many days over the past year, have been negative days. Days where I feel like life sucks, traffic sucks, you suck, my body sucks...suck suck suck.
I always come out of this stupor and find happy, good things to think about. But, it's very easy to fall back into the routine of "suck". This is human nature.

Today, I feel like things are okay - things are just fine. Like maybe I can feel happy and look forward to some great things. Maybe it's the sun being out today and warming my face. Maybe it's the good interactions I got from my coworkers. Maybe I just feel like being happy. Whatever it is, I'll take it.

It's days like today, that I feel like making someone else feel happy too. It's days like today, that I feel like even if my wishes and aspirations don't come about quite the way I want or when I want...that it will be okay. Today I feel like maybe I CAN find the motivation to go on yet another diet and work toward my goal of being healthier. Or maybe I CAN find the money and time to possibly go back to school or write that book I have been putting off.

I know that a lot of what I want is a matter of prioritizing and attacking one thing at a time, accomplishing it, then going on to the next thing. Sometimes though, you do not have a whole lot of control over a situation or the means to accomplish it. This is hard for me. I don't like feeling that I don't have control over my future, and it's difficult for me to grapple with the idea that I may have to cut my losses for the time being and move on to something else temporarily. Maybe the timing is off and I just need to come back to it. In any case, I don't like quitting or leaving something unfinished. This is why I find it so darn hard to quit reading a book when I am halfway through. Even if I can't really get into it or I don't like the style of writing, I just have to keep going.

So what all that really means is that today at least, I feel like it's okay to maybe put something off that is not possible at the moment and come back to it. I feel like maybe I can just enjoy my friends and family and be glad for the things I have, like a stable-ish job and a loyal husband. Today, I think it's okay to just BE and smile and soak up the vitamin D that I am so lacking.

Today is a day for positive thinking and I encourage everyone to join me. For at least one day.

{photo taken my Michael, edited by Alissa}


  1. At the end of the day that's all we really do have control over, is our attitude. It's so hard to be positive, but you're on the right track. At least for today. And you're right... it's okay to take a break sometimes and make sure you are enjoying the people/blessings around you. *hug*

  2. This is a nice positive post for sure. I agree with Mandy (!!) Attitude is important, because so many things in life are out of our control.
    It's easy to get overwhelmed, I feel that way many times, now and in the past.
    But taking a day to just enjoy the day can be refreshing, right?
    *hugs from me too*

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  4. Blogging actually helps me with my attitude. I can look back and think, things aren't so bad after all, and look at what I'm accomplishing. Keep your spirits up! We're in for a looooong winter ;)


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