Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Times And Good Friends

I have been a slacker. Blogging has not been my priority lately, but I think it probably shouldn't be anyway.

I mean, we should all be trying to reach out to people in 'real life' before spending our evenings online right? I think so, thus less blog posts.

This past weekend, Mike and I had a few friends up from Vancouver, WA. They are close friends who we were really excited to see and spend time with. Yay for T, Pete, & Heidi!

Besides playing Rock Band and chatting with them, we also hosted a Wine, Cheese, & Trivia Party on Saturday night. And let me tell you, it was SO much fun! We ended up with about 20 people over to our little 2 bedroom duplex and everyone brought food and drink. Mike and I had a blast quizzing the 4 teams on topics that ranged from Entertainment and Pop Culture to Science and Literature.

A big shout out to the winning team Zombie Ninjas! 

As amazing as it was, I have some ideas for our second W/C/T party. Hi-Jack someone else's house (for more space) and get a microphone. Boy it can get loud during trivia!

All in all, it was a great success and we definitely plan on doing it again soon.

In other news, we are going out to dinner to celebrate Mike Sr.'s retirement tomorrow evening! It's been anxiously awaited and it's finally here, so we are excited to be able to celebrate with his family. I believe Sushi is on the menu!

I think it's a perfect time to insert another 'food I am learning to love' - raw sushi. I will try a couple different kinds and see if I can adjust to the texture. I already eat my fair share of sushi (seared) and rolls but have a resistance to the uncooked kinds. Here's hoping to change that and that it goes better than the eggplant did!

Oh! And I also spent some girl time with Heidi shopping for a new Coach purse over at the outlet mall! We found a steal and each got a little something to croon over. I got a 'satchel' type purse that will be perfect for shopping, vacations, and well anytime I want my hands free basically. Heidi got an adorable lime and white handbag and wallet!

And all of this goodness was after I spent some time with my new hairdresser updating my color and getting a trim. She was fabulous and spent way more time on me than I paid for. I will definitely be going back! Thanks Taylor!

For now, that's all I've got!


  1. I think it's great you're trying new foods, but why force it? Nothing wrong with seared sushi!

    Game night sounds like a blast. We try to only play games with people we know really well because the Husband gets very competitive and is a sore loser ;)

  2. I had fun at Trivia, just wish I knew more random things! Oh well, I learned some cool stuff! And sushi... eh! Blah. He he. Have fun at Mike Sr.'s retirement dinner!! Congratulate him for me :)

  3. I STILL wish I could have been there! It sounds like it was a BLAST! Next time, FOR SURE! :)


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