Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day With The Hubs

Our Valentine's Day was pretty uneventful, as we both had to work...but it was still nice.

After I got home from work and running a couple errands, I got ready for my 1st Zumba class.

They have one of these aerobics classes twice a week at my local community center. I had seen the class before and was interested in trying it out.

It's a combination of different ethnic dances to complimentary music and was supposed to really burn those calories. Now I am all for doing exercise that is 'outside of the box' and will keep me entertained for an hour. With my dance background I thought that this class just might be for me.

Well after trying it for an evening I can tell you that I was not very impressed. It would probably be great for non-dancers or people who are uncoordinated and need something simple to learn. For me, it was boring. But it's more than that...because I can see the purpose of repetitive movement in fitness classes. I just didn't work-up that much of a sweat and I was probably moving more than most of the women in the class (who I have to add were all over 45-50). I liked that I wasn't dancing with a bunch of in shape 20 year olds, don't get me wrong! I just felt that the class was too easy for me.

Also, a major factor was that the instructors didn't seem to know the routines that well. Often times I found myself stepping in place until one of them figured out what same next in the sequence of moves. Other times, they would be doing different moves and I didn't know who to follow. I am not sure if they were the full time instructors, if they were filling in temporarily (since it was V-day), or if they were just struggling with remembering what was next. Either way, it was annoying to have people leading who seemed as clueless as I was.

The dances mostly consisted of different types of Latin dancing, belly dancing and Bollywood. All of which I thoroughly enjoy! I just think that this particular group is not for me.

Ah well! I did sign up for a fitness center pass so I can get back in the gym. And I will have a good time watching the classes dancing it up while I pump iron.

After the class I ran home to get some veggies a-cookin' and set up the sushi and wine for our Valentine's Day dinner. It was a quick fix since we had both just gotten home around 6:30 and were starving.

Mike brought me home some some pretty red roses and we exchanged cards. Simple but thoughtful. And after dinner was over we shared a cupcake, looked through our wedding memory box and a scrapbook I made us back in 2000. It's fun to pour over letters, e-mails, cards and photos from 10 years ago and see how far you have come as a couple.

(yes, that is us in the Wedding Expo magazine!)

From there we simply sat together and watched Dinner for Schmucks. I can't even describe this movie very well or how I feel about it. Some parts were hilarious, but the majority of it was painful. Steve Carell's character is SO weird and clingy. I just felt uncomfortable and annoyed a lot of the time. Mike seemed to be enjoying it, but I could barely sit through to the end.

Well that's all I got folks!

Our Valentines Day in a nutshell! I hope yours was at the very least relaxing.


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad zumba experience. My Sister really seems to like it. I wonder if it's the same place? You should try Pure Barre.

    Sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day to me! I am a sushi fanatic!

  2. Hi A,
    Thanks for the add and the good luck wishes with the cycle. Sadly this cycle is a bust (even though AF hasn't showed yet) but reading your blog and others makes me feel like I'm not alone and I need that.
    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Ashley


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