Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall, meet Winter!

And so it begins - the first snow of the season.

It began early this morning and hasn't let up since. We've got between 3-4 inches now most likely and it sure doesn't bother me!

The leaves haven't even completely fallen from the tree out front and we've got snow piling up!

Charlie isn't having it.
He took 5 lightning-fast laps around the yard, marked the mailboxes, barked at a couple of cats,
and high-tailed it back inside. Any longer and I would have had to put him in his snow boots!

Many people dread when the snow hits, not me. I like the cozy feeling of a fire and hot chocolate, the look of fresh snow in the morning, and feeling the flakes hit my face as they fall. I'm not worried about driving (I try not to stress and take care to drive safely) and I am fairly certain I will be fine if I get stuck inside for a few days. My water, batteries, wood, & peanut butter are stocked!

So I will enjoy the snow for as long as it lasts, cause here in the northwest, that could mean it'll be gone tomorrow.


  1. I love snow days!! Poor chupa. Our little Chi's just aren't cut out for this kind of weather. If you do drive, be safe!!

  2. I'm happy to cozy up at home too. Thank goodness for an office who understands and would rather have us be safe than sorry!

  3. charlie looks snuggled up in his coat! I love an animal in a sweater!


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