Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bucket List

Do you have a Bucket List?

I started a list a year or so ago. I need to see in print, the things that I wanted to accomplish at some point in my life. Some things went on the list right away and were quite obvious to me, while others are still being added to this day.

The list isn't that long right now and I have already accomplished a couple things since starting the list. Earlier this year, as you can read in this blog, I met one of my favorite authors Richelle Mead. This was on the list. I felt great that I went out of my way to do something I always promised myself I would.

The other weekend I was visting some friends in Bellingham and I had the opportunity to cross off another thing on my bucket list. Shoot a rifle. Elan and Ashley have a rifle, a handgun and a we set out to the outer Nooksack area to find a spot to shoot.

Let me tell you that I have indeed shot a gun before. They don't scare me and I have a good respect for both the guns and people who use them for the correct purposes. I think that if you decide to get a gun ( I haven't decided if I will own one yet or not ), you should first learn to be proficient at loading and shooting. Then you need to have a proper place to store the gun, whether that be in a closet or a safe, and make sure you have a safety setting. I know that many people are nervous about guns and safety with children in the house. I believe that rules and regulation, education, and a safe place to lock them up should be in place. I also think that if you are smart about the storage and handling of a gun, that they can both be a great protection and a fun sport.

I enjoyed shooting again. I like the challenge of aiming and hitting your target, the feeling of power behind the kick-back, and doing something out of the ordinary. We three had a really great time...when the gun didn't get jammed (some of the bullets were not the best). The rifle I am shooting had a great scope on it and was very quiet in comparison (which I prefer!) and Elan put it together himself! That thing was heavy though...a few minutes and my arms hurt!

Other things on my Bucket List to cross off?

Sky Diving
Hot Air Balloon
Attending a World Series baseball game
Sponsoring a needy child in another country
Visiting all the major Roller Coaster parks in the U.S.
Vacationing to Greece and Italy
Owning a house

These are just a few things, and hopefully it will only get longer so I have more reason to look forward and do things that make me happy. I already got the guy ;)


  1. Looking good with that gun! :)

    I think we all need a bucket list. I have a few things I need to cross off soon too! :)

  2. Some of the things I haven't crossed off my list yet:

    - Dance with Ellen
    - Enter an ice cream eating contest
    - Visit the only wonder of the ancient world that is still standing - the Great Pyramid of Giza
    - I would also like to ride in a hot air balloon
    - Compete in a triathlon at least once


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