Thursday, November 4, 2010


One of my alternate-life hubbies is bringing it hot once again with a new song called Hidden Away. I'm excited to hear the whole album coming out this month! Yes, he's a bit of a geek...yes, he has curly, shagalicious hair and looks like a tall hobbit...and yes, he sings classical/pop/ballads... BUT, I like geeks. I married one, I have a couple in the family, I in fact AM one. So! Stand back world - Josh the Grobanator is in the house and his voice is embedded in my soul.

Lyrics I LOVE!

All these words that you meant to say
held in silence day after day-
words of kindness that our poor hearts crave,
please don't keep them hidden away.


  1. My sister and my dad love Josh Groban, too. I like him ok, but I don't like when he sings in whichever other language it is that does (that sentence is confusing. LOL). My dad was going to take my sister to one of his concerts but the tickets are something like $250 for the "bad" seats! Craziness! Anyway, I should probably pick this cd up for them for Christmas, huh? lol Enjoy!! =D

  2. Megan - I am surprised that the concert was so expensive! I have gone to see him twice and it hasn't been too bad (like under $75)...hmmm...
    anyway, I actually prefer the songs he sings in English as well, but his others are beautiful. He usually sings in Spanish or Italian, but there are probably other languages as well.


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