Sunday, November 14, 2010

Laundry Day

Nothing much to post here today except some cute pics I took of my nephew Bennett the other evening. We were playing in the guest bedroom/computer room and I decided to dump out my, just washed and oh so clean socks, on top on Bennett. Who might I add loves laundry, laundry baskets, and rolling around on the bed.

He would lay on his back and I would continue to drop Mike's long socks (tube socks?) on top of his head, until he was covered. He would leave it a moment and then pull it off his face and laugh. I got a photo of him peeking out from the pile of laundry! :)

(Bennett - almost 10 months)

Then I gave him a vibrating neck pillow I had in the closet that I know he LOVES. He lays his head on it or chews it and giggles! Here's the other photo of him laying on this magic pillow.

Good times with my favorite little man! Isn't it great how kids are entertained so darn easily?

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  1. Very cute! And your whites are so white! ;)


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